Birthday Gift Basket for Her

 | Stuffed animals Grand Prairie TX.

If you have a special lady in your life who is about to celebrate her birthday, you may be wondering what to get. Whether that special lady is your partner, mother, daughter, or sister, they will love the idea of a birthday gift basket designed just for them.

A birthday gift basket is something you put together for them, which will show how much you were thinking of them. It’s the thought that counts, and it doesn’t have to be a lengthy or expensive project. Start with a medium to large wicker basket your special lady can use for storage later and fill it with a mixture of practical and sentimental items.

A few ideas on what to include in the birthday gift basket are:

·    Stuffed animals Grand Prairie TX. Tip: Choose a stuffed animal that is a plush depiction of their real-life favorite!

Stuffed animals Grand Prairie TX.

·    A single flower, or an entire bouquet.

·    A book or two in their favorite genre.

·    Shampoo, conditioner, or body wash.

·    Perfume or body spray.

·    Small pieces of makeup like lip gloss, lipstick, or a tiny eyeshadow palette.

·    DVDs.

·    A $10 to $20 gift card to their favorite store or restaurant.

·    A bottle of wine or champagne for adults.

·    Candy is always a promising idea. Bonus points if it is their favorite!

·    Notebook with pens or pencils so they can write down vital information.

·    Younger ladies (such as teenage daughters) would love a journal or poster.

·    A comfortable tee shirt or tank with a set of matching shorts for summer.

·    Hair necessities, such as a new hair brush, comb, bobby pins, and set of elastic bands. Depending on the woman they may also have need of hair spray or gel.

·    A new cell phone case or screen protector.

·    Anything you know your special lady loves!